Vrindavanchandra Institute of Theology,
Arts and Languages
VitalEdu brings you truly wholesome education.
Vrindavanchandra Institute of Theology,
Arts and Languages
VitalEdu brings you truly wholesome education.

Learn for a better you.

A few years back, we were searching for designers, video editors, etc. who could make content for our initiatives. It was tough to find the right talent who understood our culture, practices, ideals and philosophy. Then we decided to guide and train our own devotees and kids in various fields of knowledge and skills. The result is evident, the students trained by VITAL are serving various other temples and centers of ISKCON. VITAL offers courses which help you grow in the areas you wish to.

Our Courses


It is an opportunity for individuals who want to experience the power of spiritual life in the company of the spiritual practitioners. It is an opportunity for them to explore the inside world and find contentment within. It is also an opportunity for professional people to contribute one’s own experience in the professional world for aiding the growth of the spiritual society and for freshers to gain the experience in varieties of domains 

The fellows will learn about

  1. Philosophy
  2. Personal development 
  3. Relationship values
  4. Spiritual etiquettes and practices, theory and practical
  5. Spiritual music and musical instruments
  1. Personal attention by experts 
  2. Company of the like minded spiritual people 
  3. Conducive atmosphere to learn about spirituality and focus on the inner growth
  4. Wide opportunities to explore and express professional skills 
  5. Huge networking opportunities with monks and other expert professional people who are willing to help and guide. 

Anyone who is willing to take a break of minimum 1 month for practicing spiritual life and contributing service to the temple. 

The fellows who join the program would be provided with a free accomodation and either stipend or meals, whatever they chose. The accommodation has facilities like bed, hot water, water purifier, etc. We appreciate if fellows can also contribute some amount for these facilities but it is not compulsory.

It is expected from fellows that they show equal enthusiasm for the spiritual and professional parts of the fellowship. The participation in the spiritual morning program is compulsory for the fellows except if they are sick or need something else urgently. 

Fellows should learn values of mutual cooperation, service, sacrifice, punctuality, eagerness for spirituality, etc.

Fellows must maintain strong communication about their availability or absense. Fellows must follow the discipline. Fellows should not waste time in this period by playing video games, watching mundane movies, gossiping, etc. Fellows should also be ready to contribute in occasional ad hoc type of services. 

It can be discussed on a case to case basis.

Everyone is Welcome

You are a teacher who wishes to teach courses in the field of philosophy, skills or languages.

You are a volunteer who wishes help in administration, content writing, communication, social media management, etc.

You are all welcome to this platform.

Our Happy Students